5 Simple Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas You Can Do at Home | DIY Décor 2022

Written by Barry Allen

January 1, 2023


You don’t always want to spend a little fortune on décor for Valentine’s day at your home. So here are simple Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas.

And other times, you wish for something more distinctive and personalized to honor a loved one.

If you’re planning to Celebrate Valentine’s day, we suggest doing some DIY labor to get the decorations going. In this article, we have mentioned simple Romantic Valentine’s day decoration ideas you can do at home.

5 Simple Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas You Can Do at Home | DIY Décor 2022

Following are the basic valentine’s day decoration ideas you can do at home:

Decorate the Dining table

You can also prepare a dining table for your Valentine’s day dinner. Gather up all the stuff mentioned below. Let’s get started.


  • Fake/ real Rose petals
  • Candles
  • Fake/ real flowers
  • Candles
  • Lights
  • Heart-shaped note

Steps to decorate the floor:

Step 1: Take different sizes and types of glasses.

Step 2: Take fake/ real petals and fill in the glasses.

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Step 3: Keep some glasses upside down. And some in the right position.

Step 4: Place a glass flower vase. You can place real/fake flowers inside it.

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Step 5: Now, place the candles and all the things prepared in the way shown below. Spread some petals on the table.

Step 6: Now, light up the candles

Step 7: Place the light around the decoration. Your final piece should look like the image shown below.

Image source

Candlelight dinner in your balcony or Garden

To celebrate your Valentine’s day, a romantic dinner is the best option to make your Valentine’s day romantic. The best thing one could do is prepare a candlelight dinner. You can prepare this candlelight dinner in your garden or balcony. All you need is the material.


  • Roses/ flowers
  • Lights
  • Table (small)
  • Grass carpet
  • Cushions
  • Candles
  • Candle holder

Steps to decorate the bed with rose petals

Step 1: If you are going to prepare this dinner on your balcony, take a grass carpet but if you are doing it in the garden then you don’t need one.

Step 2: Take a small wooden or glass table that fits best to your dinner place. We don’t want chairs for this so make sure the table is small that you can have dinner on the floor.

Step 3: Take a light and decorate it around the balcony. If you are doing it in a garden you can place the lights on flower pots.

Step 4: Now take beautiful flower and a candle holder and place it on the table.

Step 5: Now, place the cushions around the table and put the plates and required stuff on the table.

Step 6: Now, light up the candles and light. In the end, your table should look like this.

A table with plates and candles on it Description automatically generated with low confidence

Image source

Decorate The walls and Table

To give your room a Romantic touch, you can prepare


  • Heart-shaped balloons (white and red)
  • Pup (to fill the balloons)
  • Love balloon
  • Candles, as shown in the below images
  • Rose petals
  • Roses

Step 1: Take lots of white and red heart-shaped balloons.

Step 2: Fill love shaped balloon.

Step 3: Make a heart around the love balloon.

Step 4: Tie three balloons together, prepare at least 6 sets and decorate them in a way as shown below.

Step 6: Now, decorate your side table. Make a heart from the rose petals. And place the candles around the heart and at the corners of the table. Place the roses at the side of the heart.

Step 7: Light up the candles and spread the balloons around the table.

Step 8: On the wall that you previously decorated, place the lights around the balloons to give it a beautiful look.

Your Valentine’s day decoration is ready

Image source

Candle bowl and Dim lights

To give a romantic touch to your room, you can make a bowl filled with roses and lights. Gather up the stuff mentioned below and get started.


  • Candles
  • Small glasses
  • Glass bowl
  • Fresh roses
  • Coloured Beads

Steps to prepare candle bowl:

Step 1: Take a glass bowl. And fill it with different colored beads.

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Step 2: Fill the bowl with water.

A picture containing indoor, several Description automatically generated

Step 3: Place 5 or 6 roses over it.

A picture containing indoor Description automatically generated

Step 4: Now, place a Diya or candle at the center. And you can place small candles in the small glasses and keep it around the bowl. Dim the lights.

A picture containing food, several Description automatically generated

Image source

Prepare your Romantic Bed

If you want to decorate a corner of your room with a simple and easy DIY. This is for you. All you need is a few items, and your DIY is ready.


  • Heart-shaped cushions
  • Wine glasses
  • Candle
  • Craft paper (red/pink)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Take the crafting paper and cut it into different sizes of hearts.

A picture containing text Description automatically generated

Step 2: Place or stick the hearts to the bedsheet. It’s better if the bedsheet is not printed. You can also stick the stickers.

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Step 3: Prepare the pillows and tie a ribbon around it as shown below. Place the heart shaped cushion at the center of the pillows. Place the scented candles and wine glasses along with rose on the center of the bed.

A picture containing indoor, bed, bedclothes Description automatically generated

Image source


Are you feeling motivated?

Have you found all you require for decorating your Valentine’s day?

While some are undoubtedly simpler to construct than others, we’re confident you’ll find something to fit your preferences, crafting time constraints and ability level.

If you have any new ideas you would like to share with our reader’s Comment below and let us know.



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