How to earn money from Google AdSense in 2022

Written by Barry Allen

September 13, 2022

How to Earn Money from Google AdSense


Google AdSense is probably already familiar to you. Today we are going to talk about how to earn money from Google AdSense in 2022.

It’s one of the most well-known systems for advertising and enables publishers to make money by showing programmatic advertisements.

We’ll go over everything you need to know before you begin generating income with Google AdSense today.

What is Google AdSense’s Process?

Create a Google AdSense account to start.

The final step is to add a brief bit of code to your website.

Users will eventually see programmatic ads on your website, thanks to Google.

According to Google, “AdSense matches adverts to your site depending on its content and traffic.

Advertisers who want to market their products fund and commission the creation of the advertising.

The amount of money you will get may vary because these advertisers charge various fees for specific advertisements.

These advertisements are from a platform utilized by marketers called Google Ads.

Google AdSense conducts an auction with Google Ads advertisers to determine which ad will be displayed on your website.

Whenever a user taps on your advertisement, you get paid.

How long does it take to get AdSense approved?

AdSense clearance can take a while.

Any period between 24 hours and two weeks is acceptable.

How Much Money Can You Make with Google AdSense?

Your website’s niche will have a significant impact on your AdSense earnings.

For instance, the insurance industry is the most lucrative for AdSense.

In the US, the typical CPC for auto insurance is $85.61. (As of November 2021).

This is so because businesses in the insurance industry enjoy very high returns on their investments, and each ad click has a reasonable probability of leading to a sale.

How much does AdSense pay for a single click?

A CPC (cost-per-click) platform is AdSense.

As a result, various factors, including traffic volume, geography, ad placements, CTR (click-through rate), etc., will affect your revenue per click.

For most websites, the cost per click ranges from $0.20 to $15.

You can use the AdSense revenue calculator to get a ballpark figure for your website.

In 2022, will AdSense still be profitable?

An easy way to start making money from ads for most new websites can be through Google AdSense.

It is not the only monetization program available and is not even the highest paying.

There are more sophisticated and lucrative monetization options (such as header bidding) for publishers with at least 100k monthly visitors, which are typically created by monetization platforms.

These platforms frequently offer value-added services like technical assistance, ad refresh, and more sophisticated ad formats.

AdSense Ad Types

Google AdSense has a great variety of ad formats to offer.

To fit various screen sizes and devices, all ad units are, by default, constructed to be responsive.

Display Ads: These are display ad units that adapt to most screen widths. They are effective practically everywhere.

The device screen size on which it is being presented can be considered automatically by this form of ad, making it responsive.

In-feed ads: Native advertisements that fit in a feed, sidebar, or list are referred to as in-feed ads.

They create a better user experience since they flow naturally.

In-article ads: Native advertisements that blend in with the text of an article without interfering with reading.

Matched content ads: Ads that recommend the content on your website to users, helping to improve pageviews, user engagement, and the likelihood that they will click on your ads.

Link ads: Text link advertisements that can be responsive or fixed in size.

It displays subjects related to the information on your website.

The Benefits of Google AdSense

  • Joining is cost-free.
  • Suitable for publications with fewer than 100,000 monthly visits.
  • Technical expertise is not necessary for the setup process.
  • With the Auto Advertising feature, ads are automatically customized for your website and sized for every screen.

Following are the disadvantages one can face while using AdSense:

  • Ad impressions cannot be sold for the highest price, unlike header bidding, since there is only one demand partner (Google).
  • Of the overall ad revenue, Google keeps 32% as commission.
  • In that case, you won’t receive payment until the month in which the total profits reach the AdSense payment threshold ($100 or €70).
  • You won’t be able to use AdSense or, in some situations, monetize content with other Google products like Google Ad Manager if your account is terminated.
  • Google has the right to terminate your account immediately.

How To Make Money with Google AdSense?

Analyze the website’s category.

Some websites do better with Google AdSense than others.

Websites of the following sorts are the easiest to optimize and drive significant traffic to:

  • blogs
  • online media
  • forums
  • social media platforms
  • tools and games online.

Don’t incentivize clicks.

Neither you nor anyone else should click on your own adverts.

Google strictly prohibits ad performance inflation, and engaging in such behavior may result in the suspension of your AdSense account.

A Google two-click penalty could follow from this, which would drastically reduce your earnings.

Create High-quality Content

It’s crucial to provide high-quality content that connects with your audience.

Additionally, it is the primary factor that affects how well people find your website.

Create your material with the user’s intent in mind and refresh it frequently.

To increase organic traffic to your website, adhere to standards and best practices.

Include ads.txt.

You can declare authorized sellers of your ad inventory using Ads.txt, also known as Authorized Digital Sellers, an IAB effort.

Directly from your Google AdSense account, you can download the ads.txt file.

Ad revenue could disappear for up to a month if this step is skipped or put off.

Optimize for mobile

In 2021, mobile phones will make up 55.07 percent of all online traffic worldwide.

You should strive to provide the finest user experience for your mobile users because mobile friendliness is an official ranking criterion.

Enjoy a wonderful user experience

Core Web Vitals and other ranking algorithms consider how users interact with your page.

Consider the following factors to make sure your website runs smoothly:

responsiveness, website loading time, legibility, navigation, and interface design.

Use best-performing ad placements

Use ad types and placements that have high rates of viewability and are visible for longer, such as sticky advertising.

You might wish to explore ad types with high CTR, including interstitial advertising (referred to as “vignettes” in AdSense), as Google AdSense pays for clicks.


In the above article, we have highlighted how to earn money from Google AdSense in 2022. If you have any questions regarding this and any suggestions, let us know in the comment area.

You’re finally prepared to take on the AdSense and ad monetization world.

There are no fast routes to beginning to make a lot of money using Google AdSense, though.

You must regularly experiment with ad placements and formats, optimize your website, and—most importantly—generate top-notch content.



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