Top 15 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2022

Written by Barry Allen

October 20, 2022

Top 15 Best Email Marketing Tools


The indisputable monarch of the marketing realm is social media.

And you can consider email as the forefather of social media marketing.

Don’t be deceived; it’s still dependable when utilized correctly.

Although some of us may not be familiar with email as a marketing tool or think of it as a “cool” way of communicating with clients, it has stood the test of time and proven to be an effective mode of communication.

Even now, email is still one of the most important and focused ways of reaching your audience if you use it correctly.

It’s also a lucrative endeavor.

You can advertise your app using your email marketing approach.

Clients might also be aware of your white label services or anything else that provides value to their requirements.

Here we have highlighted the most effective, Top 15 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2022 email marketing tools to help you always hit the mark.

Top 15 Best Email Marketing Tools in 2022

In this article, we have outlined the 15 best email marketing tools in 2022:



MailGenius is a free application that examines your emails and looks for potential triggers that could send your message to the spam bin.

  • Run a deliverability test to guarantee that your email reaches your recipient’s inbox.
  • It will not be open otherwise.
  • The tool outlines everything you can do to avoid ending up in the spam folder, as well as actionable recommendations and explanations on how to resolve any issues you may encounter.



Litmus is an extremely versatile email testing and tracking tool. You may test your emails on desktop computers as well as popular mobile platforms such as Android, Apple, and Windows.

  • Ensure your content is optimized for render testing.
  • You can test over 40 clients and devices, and Litmus can create a test email to an address that you can send to your ESP with a single click.
  • You’ll be able to see your preferred browsers, ISPs, and devices within minutes.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

When it comes to compiling information, statistics, sending emails, and boosting performance, it’s all business. You can even send out questionnaires.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your app’s subscribers to vote on the best icon.

  • Import lists, designing and deploying campaigns, and continuing to build your audience are all clearly laid out on the dashboard.
  • You can work on your campaign while the import is taking place in the background.
  • You can pick whether the email is sent to everyone on your list or just a specific segment — the procedure is highly configurable.

Reach Mail

Reach Mail

Using Reach Mail’s message testing function, you can compare the performance metrics of up to five different email campaigns.

  • This tool also considers alternate subject lines or content within each email, allowing you to adjust subject line phrasing and compare how one email performs to others.
  • You may also choose what percentage of your subscriber list should be employed to test the message using this functionality.
  • The system will provide a snapshot report highlighting open and click rates for each version after the “test campaign’ is completed.
  • It will help you schedule the remainder of your emails.

Target Hero

Target Hero

Target Hero includes a prominent WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, picture hosting, HTML and plain text email templates, and a slew of other capabilities you’d expect from email marketing software.

  • This solution is significantly helpful for companies who need a wide range of functionality to conduct their campaigns but don’t have access to massive subscriber lists.
  • Account verification is required by Target Hero; to do so, you must first join up, then complete the SMS authentication process.



Drip is a flexible email marketing platform with a lot of essential features such as message personalisation, interaction with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, comprehensive data analytics, and more.

  • It provides two different email-building tools, one visual and the other text-based.
  • This allows for more compelling image-driven marketing, as well as more targeted and personalized follow-up messages for specific consumers.

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi

Aside from establishing new email marketing campaigns, you can use the clone tool to duplicate existing campaigns. You can also make changes to the source document without affecting previous versions of your work.

  • You can always undo the deletion.
  • The thorough reporting capabilities allow you to monitor how many emails were read, how many embedded links were clicked, how many social media shares were made, and much more.
  • You can also learn about the links that a specific user clicks on.

Cake Mail

8. Cake Mail

CakeMail’s tools will take care of your email campaign.

Split A/B testing, for example, can assist in establishing the best mailing list, and Spam Assassin can ensure that your emails don’t end up in spam.

  • Google integration is also available, allowing you to get extensive statistics on how each campaign is performing.
  • Sending emails is a simple procedure. Simply give your campaign a name, select your recipients, create your email, and schedule its delivery.
  • Choose from twenty pre-made layouts that are entirely customizable or submit your own.
  • Users who are familiar with HTML will appreciate the sophisticated editing option.

Mail Jet

Mail Jet

You can easily combine template-based marketing and transactional email sending with the help of single internet tool with Mailjet.

  • Add in a consultation service, and you’ve got yourself a deal.
  • The RESTful API and SMTP server work seamlessly with the rest of your apps.
  • Mailjet support may be added to your project in a variety of languages, including Python, Ruby, and PHP, as well as interfaces with Magento, WordPress, and other platforms.
  • There’s also no need to worry if you get stuck because there’s a 24-hour support line.



One of the greatest tools for emailing newsletters is Flashissue.

Email marketing and content curation are combined in a simple interface.

  • In just five minutes, you can have newsletters distributed to your contacts by logging in with Google or Facebook.
  • You can draw content from blog posts or search the web to pull content from a range of sources, regardless of the theme of your newsletter; Flashissue automatically summarises this content for you.

Constant contact

Constant contact

You can choose from various design templates or create your own.

If desired, add a variety of other elements like documents, photographs, polls, survey links, videos, and so on.

  • Importing images and text into the WYSIWYG editor is also possible.
  • Create detailed reports on the number of opt-outs, complaints, bounces, forwards, and click-throughs for your email campaigns.



The autoresponder feature from AWeber is a fantastic way to keep in touch with your customers.

To make the email design process go as smoothly as possible, you gain access to over 150 email templates.

  • You can improve a variety of business activities.
  • If you use Salesforce, you can set up your account to automatically display which customers have signed up for AWeber emails and which emails they’ve received from you.

13. iContact

Logo Description automatically generated

The iContact package is straightforward yet intuitive, with HTML coding possibilities and marketing templates to choose from.

  • You’ll be greeted by an easy-to-navigate design, with tabs in the top half of the screen allowing you to build and track email campaigns.
  • Allow the setup wizard to walk you through the rest of the procedure after you’ve selected a tab.



The tool helps you maintain your contact list efficiently and build high-quality marketing campaigns.

  • It helps you to add custom fields to contact lists, as well as copy and search for contacts in the contact area.
  • You can also learn why people stopped subscribing.



The campaign procedure in Zoho is separated into three sections: Basic Details, where you choose the campaign’s name and email address; Advanced Details, where you choose the campaign’s name and email address.

  • Once you’ve chosen your receivers and other campaign-specific elements, you may finish your campaign.
  • You’ll find a very useful WYSIWYG editor for HTML material in the Content area.
  • In your email, you can include photographs, drag, and drop items, format text, and copy/paste any content you desire.


So, there you have it, the best email marketing tools. Depending on the industry, consumption, and operations, this can vary.

Please let us know which email marketing tools you find to be the best by leaving a comment below.



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