Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022

Written by Barry Allen

September 9, 2022

Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools


Great social media does not appear anywhere. It’s not about just a few mentions and a smidgeon of evergreen content. Regrettably, there is no magical social media recipe. So we are going to do help you by listing the Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022.

Great social media is no different than any other marketing strategy: it is meticulously designed, measured, managed, and built on a solid foundation.

To achieve your strategic goal, you need to keep up with the latest trends, methods, and tools.

Social media marketing tools make it easier for us mortals to be active and engaged on social media, lightening our load and allowing us to create a more significant impact.

If you really want to make your social media in shape in 2022, you should consider adding the Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022 below to your marketing toolset.

Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022


Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022

Creating social media content is an important aspect. On Twitter, visual material receives three times the engagement of plain text, so having good visual content can help you take your social media to the next level.

You can simply make intriguing, amusing, and educational short videos to post on social media with Biteable.

  • It is simple to use.
  • It is cheap.



Buffer was introduced as a Twitter social media marketing tool.

Now, it works with all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

  • It automatically shortens the link that you share.
  • It helps you add articles and material from the web to the Buffer queue.



Marketing requires much research.

If you want your social media to thrive and beat your competition, you need to know if what you are doing is working fine or not.

  • It shows you how well your content is performing and if it is being shared
  •  Helps you receive notifications based on keywords, brand names, links, author names, and domain names.



Social media marketing is vital for online success.

Even if you use a program to automate the process of blasting all your channels at once, you must still manually enter the content and photos for each post.

Re-promote the posts by rinsing and repeating the process.

  • This application handles the creative side of social promotion as well as the scheduling of posts.
  • Templates for content development, scheduling, and client approvals are included, as well as a custom URL shortener for exporting campaign materials for use in other marketing campaigns.



This application handles the creative side of social promotion.

  • It maintains the scheduling of posts.
  • It helps you plan content re-sharing and track traffic.



Hootsuite, among the most major social media management platforms, provides for team collaboration as well as an approval procedure.

  • All your comments and references may be found in one location.
  • Tasks can also be assigned.
  • It aids in the creation of a social networking calendar and the planning of updates.



Mention is a social listening tool and is incredibly detailed. Real-time monitoring of mentions of a company brands, products, or competitors.

  • It’s simple to stay on top of the conversation: from within the platform, you can respond to comments on social media and mentions.
  • You may use Mention to research your competition and locate appropriate followers for influencer marketing.



Sumo gives a variety of traffic and social networks tools to aid in the development of your marketing strategy.

  • The social share function is perhaps the most relevant for social media.
  • It allows users to your site to easily share your material on social networks, and it tracks a record of how many people have done so.



FTTT is an abbreviation for If this happens, then that happens.

  • You can use this tool to create rules that will make managing your social marketing business a lot easier.
  • Create rules that will take action when certain events occur.
  • Assist you in streamlining your process so that individual productivity is highlighted and enhanced.


Zapier also provides automation and is comparable to IFTTT in certain ways.

  • Zapier is compatible with most of the tools on this list.
  • If you start with Twitter, Zapier can automatically update your audience on Facebook and LinkedIn without any additional effort on your part.

11. AdEspresso

Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022

AdEspresso is a platform that enables real-time analysis of Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. It determines how your ads are doing with the target audiences based on your marketing strategy and the targeting data.

  • Users can design and manage advertisements for all the platforms in one location, then track which ones are working and which aren’t.
  • Users can try various images, headlines, ad language, and other elements until they find the ideal mix.


Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022

Bitly is a link shortener that takes long URLs and shortens them into significantly shorter ones.

  • Bitly is a popular internet marketing tool for tracking clicks, viewing site referrals, and pinpointing the most popular geographical places.
  • It helps to track engagement rates.


A picture containing logo Description automatically generated

Rebrandly is quite an advanced link shortener and produces unique short URLs and branded links.

You can put your brand on your links using Rebrandly.

  • Branded links can increase click-through rates by 39 percent.
  • Brand awareness and visibility have improved.


Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022

Sproutsocial is an all-in-one tool for social media management

  • Sprout Social’s analytics, engagement, publishing, and team collaboration features are all available through Sprout Social.
  • Making it easy to initiate, join, and track social conversations can boost participation.
  • Quick reaction times can boost customer relationships, and using a variety of optimization tools will help you stay to your social marketing tactics.


Top 15 Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2022
AddThis is a well-known social media marketing tool. It is known for making it simple for your viewers to share your content on their favourite social networking sites.

It’s completely free.

You can connect to over 200 global social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The Smart Sorting tool prioritizes the most recent and most frequently utilized social media channels for readers.


Hopefully, you found this article useful and that you were able to identify the finest Social Media Marketing tools. If you have any other queries or recommendations, let us know in the comment area.




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