Fix The Instagram Won’t Let Me Login

Written by Barry Allen

August 18, 2022

Fix The Instagram Wont Let Me Login

Instagram is a renowned platform where people from different parts of the world share their stories to connect with others. Instagram plays an important role in the growing craze among people on social media. Some users earn money through it while some are spending their time relaxing and chilling after a long day of work. However, sometimes this Instagram app that we are talking about causes errors and several other problems. Some of these problems are temporary, while some of the problems are caused due to your phone status or app update status.
In this article, we’ll be talking about a similar kind of problem and its solution. We will be discussing how to fix The Instagram Won’t Let Me Login. Let us kick start our discussion, shall we?

How to Fix The Instagram Won’t Let me login

Instagram is very much concerned about its privacy rule, and for this reason, it blocks several users from time to time. If the user has done something for the first time, then it will unblock the user after several minutes. Still, if the same user is repeating that activity again and again and breaking the rules of Instagram regularly, then Instagram could block that user for a lifetime. There would be no option to get back your account apart from creating a new account. Hence, the first thing you should ensure is that your account is not blocked.

Make Sure You Are Not Blocked By Instagram

Various reasons cause your account to get blocked by Instagram. Some of those reasons are following and unfollowing too many people at a single time. There are a lot of new users or business profiles that start following and unfollowing more than 50 people, which is basically the limit of Instagram. If Instagram notices this kind of behavior through your account, it will surely block you. So, avoid following and unfollowing too many people at one time and always take a break of 3 seconds between following or unfollowing two people.

The second reason that can block your account is texting this same message to more than 14 people as we all know, Instagram has a rule in which users are prohibited from messaging the same text to more than four people, and if Instagram finds out any user doing this thing, Instagram will not waste the single second to block the user.

Sometimes posting too many reels, videos, or images on your account causes your account to get blocked. So, to avoid getting blocked by Instagram, you need to make sure that you are following the guidelines of Instagram carefully. Moreover, if you are sure that your account is not blocked, there are other methods that you can follow to use your account like before.

Uninstall The Instagram App

The first method that you should try is uninstalling the Instagram app and then reinstalling the app again. This is one of the best solutions to every problem that you come across on Instagram. Therefore, it will surely help you. Before performing the uninstallation, ensure that you log out of your account. If you tend to forget things easily, you can choose the remember my information option while logging out. This helps in logging in to the Instagram account. So that at the time of reinstallation, you won’t have to scratch your head for a password because you let Instagram remember your information. Whether your account is temporarily blocked or there are some errors, this method could solve many problems.

However, if your problem doesn’t get solved by this, you can go for another method: clearing the app caches.

Clear Instagram App Caches

Clearing the caches regularly protects you from having different kinds of problems on Instagram. Not just with Instagram, you can also clear caches of other apps that are installed on your phone. This protects your app from errors and gives uninterrupted scrolling and posting experience. Apart from this, there’s one disadvantage of clearing caches: you won’t be able to use Instagram like before. Clearing caches means you are deleting all the information from the app because scrolling speed can be reduced. But after some time, like 2 to 3 days, you will have a smoother scrolling.

Update Your App

You can even check if your app is updated or not. Sometimes not updating your App regularly creates several errors, and once you update it, it disappears. Then, make sure your app is up to date. As a matter of fact, you must update every app on time because it not only brings new features but also gives you a smooth experience and deletes several app glitches.

Check For Software Update

The next thing that you can do is check if you have any pending software updates on your phone. If you see any message regarding the software update, then your phone is not working properly, so you must update your software. Presumably, the problem was caused due to this, and it will get solved immediately after the update.

So, these were the methods through which you can fix the Instagram won’t let me login given that the issue is from your side. But there is a possibility that the error has occurred from the Instagram side. To fix this, you ought to report the problem to Instagram.

Report To Instagram

Follow the steps to know how to report your problem to Instagram.

Step 1: Go to the setting option present under the menu bar, which is typically three dots aligned parallel in the Instagram app.

Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login

Step 2: Go to the Help option.

Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login

Step 3: Now, scroll down to the Report a Problem option.

Step 4: This will present three more options in front of you, from which you have to click on the Report a Problem option once again.

Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login

Step 5: Here, you will be given a space where you have to describe the problem in detail, and you can also add a screenshot of the problem. Once you are done with this, click on the report. If the problem is from Instagram, it will reach out to you within 48 hours and solve your problem.

Fix Instagram Won’t Let Me Login

Moreover, before reporting to Instagram, ensure that you have changed your password because if Instagram has blocked your account, this will lead it to think that your account got hacked because of which you have changed your password. So, changing the password is also an option.


In this article, we saw how you could fix the Instagram won’t let me login error. With the given methods, you will certainly fix the app problem. Before doing anything else, you must remember that you have good internet and network connections on your phone.



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