How Often Does Google Earth Update

Written by Barry Allen

September 28, 2022

How Often Does Google Earth Update


Google Earth is a Google product that displays a 3D picture of the Earth. The images are captured by satellites. It allows users to see the entire world on their computer screen. The concept behind Google Earth is to operate as a geographical browser that connects all of the composite images received from satellites into a 3D representation. The Keyhole EarthViewer was the previous name for Google Earth.
With the exception of hidden spots and military outposts, this program allows you to see the whole world. However, if you expect to zoom in and see yourself standing, you’ll be disappointed because the images are collected from a satellite and organized accordingly. The images are not real-time images. If you are looking to know “How Often Does Google Earth Update”, then this article is for you.

How Often Does Google Earth Update

The update of Google Earth depends on the following factor:

1. Location & Area

It makes more sense to update urban areas on a regular basis than it does to update rural locations. Changes in urban areas are faster, and Google must adapt to keep up.
In addition to its own satellite, Google uses images from third parties to speed up its procedures. As a result, updates in high-density areas are substantially accelerated.

2. Time & Money

Google does not own all the resources available on Google Earth; it must purchase a portion of its photographs from third parties.
This is where the notions of time and money are introduced.
Third parties do not have the time or financial resources to submit aerial photographs from all across the world.
When you zoom in too far, you’ll notice that sometimes all you see is a hazy image, and other times you’ll see the car parking of your location perfectly. Aerial photography, which is not taken by Google, is used to create those high-resolution photographs.
Google buys these images from the people who click on them.

3. Security

Due to security concerns, many sensitive places, such as enclosed military bases, are rarely updated. Some of these regions have remained darkened for a long time.
Google ceases updating locations controlled by the government, but it also stops updating areas where there is a suspicion of criminal activity involving photographs.


Google does not collect all of the photographs from its own sources; instead, it pays a number of vendors. Considering all of the issues, updating on a regular basis would cost a lot of money and time. Even if Google were to do so, it would be impractical.

As a result, Google compromises. It schedules updates based on the variables mentioned above. It does, however, have a requirement that no part of the map should be older than three years.
Google does not update the entire map at once. It specifies bits and fractions for updates. As a result, you should expect a single update to only include a few cities or states.
But where do you look for the updated components? On the other hand, Google has aided you by releasing a KML file. When Google Earth is updated, a KML file is also made available, which highlights the new regions in red.
We have outlined all the important details you need to know about how often Google Earth updates. If you have any other issues, let us know in the comment area.

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