How To Check If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Written by Barry Allen

June 29, 2022

How To Check If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

If you are wondering how to check if someone has blocked you on Instagram or not, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to tell you how you can check if someone has blocked you on Instagram.

Instagram officially does not support the idea of letting users know who has blocked them. But it is not even impossible to detect these things. There are ways using which people could know if they are blocked by other users. Let us see how you can check if someone has blocked you on Instagram or not, shall we?

How To Check If Someone Blocked You On Instagram

Instagram never notifies you when your friends or someone whom you know has blocked you. We don’t think this feature would ever come on Instagram as it is clearly a violation of someone’s privacy. But certain users seem curious to know people who blocked them, reasons could be anything. There are certain tricks and tested methods using which you can check. So let us start discussing them one after another.

Through Chats

Do you know you can discover who blocked your Instagram through chats? This thing is only applicable to users who have chatted previously on Instagram. For this, what you have to do is go to the message section and message the person with whom you have chatted previously. Instagram claims that it won’t show the messages of the person to the blocker. So, if the second person sees your message and replies to you, you are not blocked. But after sending a short message, if you do not receive any reply then click on the profile option at the top. After clicking on it if you can see the second person’s posts and profile picture, then you are not blocked. But if you see nothing not even the profile pic then you certainly are blocked.

Through Comments

But suppose there were no chats between both of you, then how would you check if you are blocked or not? There is one more method using which you can check this, and the trick is through the comment. If the second person has commented on your post or replied to your comment in his or her post then you can go for this method. First of all, go to the post where the second person has commented. Then, tap on his or her profile. If you see everything blank then you’re blocked but if you see no changes in the profile you are not blocked.

Search User Name

There can be several reasons for you two never coming into contact either through message or comment. Then in this case how would you check if you are blocked or not? You can check by going to the search option on Instagram. At the top there is a search option, write I’d of the second person and enter. After entering the username, if you can find his or her profile in the search option, then it is certain that you are not blocked. On the other hand, if you can not see the profile then you are blocked.

Through Instagram Website

If you still can not find if you are blocked on Instagram or not then there is one more trick to use through which you will surely get to know if you are blocked on Instagram or not. For this follow the given steps.

Step 1. Close your Instagram app.

Step 2. Visit your browser or chrome browser and search

Step 3. In the place of the username, write the username of the person who you think has blocked you on Instagram.
Remember we are talking about those who are not logged in to the Instagram website. We will talk about those who are already logged in later in this article,

Step 4. Now, if you have not logged in you will see the profile and posts of that person if his or her account is not private. If his or her account is private you will only see the profile picture.

Step 5. Now, you have to check the same thing by logging into your Instagram account.

Step 6. For this search Instagram in your chrome browser.

Step 7. Click on the first option which is the Instagram website.

Step 8. It will ask you if you want to continue with the browser or with the app. Click on the browser option.

Step 9. Enter your log-in details, for instance, email address, phone number, or username. After this enter your password. You will log in to your account.

Step 10. Close the website and search<username> on the chrome search option.

Step 11. Now that you are logged in, if you are blocked by the person you won’t see his or her profile after the search.

Now, what to do if you are already logged in to the Instagram website? Here, what you can do is reverse the process. Search the username first and if you could not find his or her profile then log out of your account from the website. The reason why we are logging out of the account even after not being able to see the profile is that it might be possible that the second person has deleted his or her account and because of this, you are not able to see it.

After logging out from the website, search the Instagram website with the username and if this time you find the second person profile, this means you are blocked.

To simplify the process you can use another phone. Search the username of the person whom you think has blocked you on this phone. If you could find the profile and can not find the profile on your phone, this means the person has blocked you.


In this article, we saw how to check if someone blocked you on Instagram or not. With the help of the above-mentioned tricks, you will definitely get to know if your favorite person has blocked you.



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