Best Eevee Evolution In Pokemon Go

Written by Barry Allen

March 22, 2022

Best Eevee Evolution In Pokemon Go


Eevee is a well-known and popular Pokemon. It has acquired a lot of admiration since the anime first aired. It’s one of those adorable yet dangerous Pokémon. You may be curious why only Evee is so popular. In contrast to other pokemon, Evee has eight possible evolutions. “Eeveelutions” is a name coined by enthusiasts to describe Eevee’s evolution. Now, if you’re wondering which is better, evolution or eeveelution, this post is for you. Hopefully, in this article you will find what you were looking for. In this article, we will discuss the Best Eevee Evolution In Pokemon Go.

What are the different Eevee evolutions?

Eevee has eight different evolutions, as previously stated. All of these evolutions, however, were not present from the start in Pokémon Go. In the first generation, only Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon were released. In the second generation, Umbreon and Espeon appeared, followed by Leafeon and Glaceon in the third. Sylveon, the final form, is yet to be introduced in Pokémon Go. So, let’s take a closer look at each of these eeveelutions individually.


Type: Water

A highly sought-after water-type Pokémon is one of Eevee’s three first-generation evolutions. It is one of the most powerful Pokémon and is commonly employed in battles by Pokémon Go users. It wouldn’t be fair to outright call it the best Eevee evolution, but it certainly ranks among the top three. There are a few characteristics of Vaporeon that stand out. Vaporeon has a very high Max CP of 3114, which makes it a formidable opponent in battle. Vaporeon can withstand a lot of damage thanks to its high HP score of 130 and defensive moves like Acid Armor and Aqua Ring, making it a good tank that can be used to tire out adversaries.


Type: Electric

Jolteon is a beloved first-generation electric type Pokémon. Its popularity among Pokémon trainers originates because it shares many characteristics and elements with everyone’s favorite Pokémon, Pikachu. Jolteon is ideal for trainers that prefer to play aggressively. Its high attack stat and decent speed make it suitable for striking hard and fast. Jolteon, as an electric-type Pokémon, has an essential advantage over three different types and is only vulnerable to one. Yet, Jolteon is defensive as it can’t stay for long during a fight. Its defense and HP are both poor, so it won’t be able to take a lot of damage. If you’re using Jolteon in a battle, ensure you get rid of your opponent as quickly as possible. Another disadvantage is that nearly all of its attacks are direct rather than indirect.


Type: Fire

The Flareon is one of the three first-generation Eeveelutions. Trainers frequently avoid developing Eevee into Flareons for a variety of reasons. The first is the stats’ erratic distribution. Flareon has a strong attack score, but it has a low defense and HP. It takes a long time to get to its maximum CP of 3029, which is not really worth it.


Type: Dark

Many Pokémon trainers have a particular fondness for dark Pokémon. Due to their elemental advantages and devastating attacks, dark Pokémon are pretty popular. Although Umbreon isn’t a powerful dark Pokémon in terms of stats, it gets the job done.

It is a second-generation Pokémon, so it has some advantages over first-generation Pokémon, but you must rely mainly on training and teaching it new skills to win battles.

In terms of statistics, defense is the only positive attribute (240). Thanks to its high HP, it can operate as a tank, absorbing damage. When it comes to ghosts, dark, and psychic Pokémon, it excels, but it falls short when it comes to fighting, insect, or fairy Pokémon. If you properly train it, you can boost its attack numbers, giving it a viable battle option.


Type: Psychic

Espeon is a second-generation Pokémon and one of the finest Eevee evolutions in Pokémon Go. Its max CP is a massive 3170, the most of the bunch, and it has an incredible attack stat of 261. The only flaw is the lackluster defensive statistics. Because dark and ghost types are immune to psychic moves, they can’t absorb a lot of damage, and it is ineffective against them. As a result, if you want to get the most out of Espeon, you’ll need to pair it with a tank.


Type: Grass

For its vast and powerful collection of techniques, Leafeon is frequently regarded as one of the best Eevee evolutions. Leafeon’s stats show that he has a good attack and defense score and good speed. As a result, Leafeon is a powerful foe in Pokémon battles. Leafeon is a grass-type Pokémon released in the fourth generation, as its name suggests.

Leafeon has quite a diverse set of abilities. While the sword dance can help with attacks, synthesis can help with health recovery. All of this, combined with the damage-dealing leaf blade, can put the opponent in trouble. Leaf Guard, Leafeon’s unique ability, pairs well with Sunny Day, the weather-altering move. It strengthens a grass-type Pokémon and improves the efficacy of other actions like Synthesis and Solarbeam.

The most significant disadvantage is its elemental weakness. A grass-type Pokémon can withstand four elements but suffers twice as much damage from the other five. It’s incredibly worthless against a Pokémon with a fire type.


Type: Ice

Glaceon’s lone redeeming feature is that it is visually appealing. Aside from that, this fourth-generation Pokémon is entirely ineffective in battle. Glaceon is rarely chosen by Pokémon trainers or evolution due to its low HP and defense and its limited move repertoire.

It has poor elemental attributes as well. Ice Pokémon can only withstand their kind and are vulnerable to four others.


Type: Fairy

Sylveon is quite a recent addition to the Eeveelutions list. It is a highly sought-after sixth-generation Fairy-type Pokémon among Pokémon trainers and collectors. It has a stunning design, but it also packs a punch in terms of Pokémon combat. It has a good amount of HP and powerful special defense moves. Others will find it challenging to overcome Sylveon due to this readily. Even in terms of elemental damage, it is impervious to four and vulnerable to only two. As a result, Pokémon trainers are naturally drawn to Sylveon because it lacks many formidable opponents. Sylveon’s Cute charm ability, which can cause attraction in opponent Pokémon of the opposing gender, is one of its best features. This would cause the opponent Pokémon to miss 50% of their attacks. Moonblast, its special attack, may deal a lot of damage, primarily when used with weather control moves like Light Screen and Misty Terrain.


We can now move on to answering the big question, now that we’ve gone over each of the Eeveelutions in depth. Picking a single Pokémon and crowning it as the best Eevee evolution is difficult. There is no denying the fact that each Pokémon has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the type of player, one Pokémon may be more suitable for you than others. It also depends on how many other Pokémon you have. You will never want a Flareon if you have a Charizard with a high IV, for example.

However, based on the many numbers and overall battle effectiveness, Vaporeon may be the most powerful Pokémon. It features well-balanced stats and a diverse range of move sets. It can also pick up a few new tricks to add to its repertoire. As you can also observe, Sylveon is also a strong contender for first place. It’s possible that once it’s released in Pokémon Go, it’ll become a fan favorite. This fairy-type Pokémon has a lot of promise, and because it’s a sixth-generation Pokémon, it’ll attract a lot more attention than a first-generation Vaporeon. We hope this article on the Best Eevee Evolution In Pokemon Go was helpful to you.

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