Best Free Android Apps in 2022

Written by Barry Allen

April 13, 2022

Best Free Android Apps in 2022


The software ecosystem is one of the reasons why many Smartphone users prefer Android phones. The number of third-party applications available for download on Android phones is staggering. Whether it’s applications from the Google Play Store or APK files, the total number is significant. By now, the number of apps available on the Google Play Store has surpassed 3 million. You can get an app for any requirement in seconds by searching for it on the app store. In this article, we have delivered you a list of some of the best free Android apps and their specifications.

Best Free Android Apps

Following are the best free android apps:


Whatsapp is a popular and widely used app for chatting, voice calling, and video calling. The nicest aspect is that it is absolutely free. To use this application, simply connect to the network and sign in with your phone number. Additionally, it is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that all of your messages are secure. Due to its user-friendly interface and specs, this messenger application has beaten all other applications in its field. You can download it from here.


Every smartphone manufacturer currently offers a variety of in-built applications for various purposes, but none of them offer an application for tracking caller ID. To address this problem, truecaller is an app that lets you know who called from what region if you receive an anonymous call. It also informs you of spam and scam calls, as well as allows you to stop the user from receiving any more calls. You can download it from here.


If you want to view videos for free, YouTube is the finest software to use because it allows you to do so. However, if you want to view ad-free videos, you can purchase a premium package, but it’s still the greatest and most unique when it’s free. You may also build a channel for free and earn money by uploading your own videos. You can download it from here.


If you want to produce a document on your phone, you can do it by downloading MS Word, which is completely free and requires only that you sign in. You can download it from here.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you’re seeking a way to lose weight and want to download an app with a lot of free features, this is the app for you. This application is completely free and provides you with a wide range of advantages. You can download it from here. Alternatively for men, you can download it from here.

Android App to loose weight for Men


In this article, we have summarized the best free android apps. If you have any other queries or suggestions let us know in the comment area


  • Barry Allen is a Technical writer at Layman Solution. He is an expert in writing How To and Fixes articles.


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