Fix Black Screen Issue On Samsung Smart TV

Written by Barry Allen

October 17, 2022

Fix Black Screen Issue On Samsung Smart TV


A dark screen can occasionally indicate that the television has been turned off, but this is not the case if you can still hear the sound. There’s no need to worry and start pressing random buttons on the remote just yet; there are a few simple solutions that require little effort.

The incidence of a random blank or black screen isn’t widespread, but it’s also not uncommon. There could be a number of various causes for the problem; however, most of them can be simply identified and eliminated before you need professional assistance. In this article, we will help you to know about how to Fix Black Screen Issue On Samsung Smart TV.

What can cause the Black Screen Issue on Samsung Smart TV?

Cable connection problem: The most common cause of a black screen is a problem with the cable connection. The video connection is disrupted by loose connections, idle power sources, or damaged cables.

Source Issue: The source Include all external devices such as HDMI, USB, DVD players, cable boxes, and so on. The problem could develop as a result of issues with these sources.

Input Setting Problem: The TV may be set to the incorrect input source. Check that the external device you want to watch is connected to the same input on your TV.

The issue with firmware update: An out-of-date firmware could also cause a display problem. To resolve this problem, the firmware must be updated on a regular basis.

Setting a sleep timer and turning on power saver mode: If your TV goes black at random, it’s possible that the sleep timer or energy-saving mode is on. Turning them both off could be the key to resolving the issue.

Hardware Failure: A TV can fail due to a malfunctioning circuit board, a faulty TV panel, or any other broken hardware. These are difficult to repair on your own and will necessitate professional help.

How To Fix Black Screen Issue On Samsung Smart TVs?

Following are the methods to fix the black screen issue on Samsung smart TV:

Method 1: Check the Power Cable for a solid connection and damage

If you can’t hear anything, it’s most likely due to a power outage. Any electronic equipment needs a continual supply of power to perform properly. As a result, double-check that the TV and the external power supply are connected properly.

Start by unplugging all of the cable connections to reduce the likelihood of any problems. Then, to remove the risk of a loose connection, re-plug the cables into the right ports, tightly and firmly. Also, make sure the power line and the power source are in good working order. To see if the ports themselves are working properly, try switching from one to another. If the problem persists, inspect the cords for any signs of physical damage to the power cable. Both the coaxial and HDMI cables should be in good working order.

The problem can occur if the cable is broken, bent, kinked, pinched, or has a large object on top of it. If there is any damage and you have a spare cable, try using it instead. If you see any damage, you may need to purchase a replacement cable.

Method 2: Double-check the External devices

Any gear attached to the television set is referred to as an “external device.” Samsung Smart TVs come with several HDMI connectors, USB ports, and external audio and video inputs.

Double-check that the devices themselves are in good working order. Turn off the devices you’re using right now for a few seconds before turning them back on. You can also test the TV by connecting other external devices to it or by connecting the same gadgets to a different television to see whether they operate. For example, if a USB device connected to your TV has malfunctioned, you can first inspect it on your laptop before blaming it on your TV.

Method 3: Disconnect the One Connect Box

.Disconnect the One Connect Box

This is the method to use if your TV is connected to a One Connect Box rather than a wall socket.

The One Connect box allows you to connect all of your cords to your television without having any ugly dangling wires. You should rule out the possibility that the issue is caused by this device rather than your TV or other external devices. Remove the power cord or the One Connect cable first. If you see anything on the screen, such as a message or an image, the One Connect Box needs to be replaced. Check if the problem is fixed by connecting the TV directly to a wall outlet and the cords to their corresponding ports.

Method 4: Set the TV Inputs Correctly

Set the TV Inputs Correctly

A dark TV screen might also be caused by a misconfiguration of the input settings. You should double-check if inputs are configured appropriately and, if necessary, switch between inputs.

The method for changing the input source is determined by the TV remote. You may notice a source button on the top of your remote, which you may use to change inputs. If you can’t find a physical button, go to the ‘TV Menu’ and look on the panel for the Sources control. Check that the inputs are set appropriately by navigating through the settings. Verify that the TV is set to the same source as the connected external device.

You can also try switching between all of the various inputs to be sure you’re on the right track.

Method 5: Turn Off the Power Saver

You may adjust the brightness of your TV using the Power Saving or Energy Saving modes, which helps you save energy. The feature also aids in the reduction of eye fatigue, which is particularly effective in poorly lit environments.

One of the reasons your TV has a dark screen is because the power-saving option is turned on. Follow the instructions below to turn it off:

1. Use the remote to get to the ‘Settings’ area by pressing the ‘Menu’ button.

2. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Energy Saving Mode’ and turn it off.


This article has provided all the required details to fix the black screen issue on Samsung smart TV. If you have any other issues related to this, let us know in the comment area.

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