Top 15 Best GUI Testing Tools in 2022

Written by Barry Allen

June 19, 2022

Top 15 Best GUI Testing Tools


Any application or website that is user-friendly and simple to manage might be rated good. However, the appearance and feel of the application (i.e., GUI) is the first thing that users notice (Graphical User Interface). As a result, GUI testing is necessary to eliminate design flaws and increase user interest in the system. GUT testing is no longer limited to desktop computers in today’s digital age; it is now available on smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. This article will take a closer look at GUI Testing and learn about the Top 15 Best GUI Testing Tools in 2022. We will study what GUI Testing is used for and how we can automate GUI Testing using GUI Testing Tools.

Top 15 GUI Testing Tools in 2022

In this article, we have outlined the top 15 best GUI Testing Tools in 2022:

Katalon Studio


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Over 850,000 teams and enterprises have used Katalon Studio, an all-in-one automation solution, to simplify Web UI, API, mobile, and desktop testing.

  • For people with or without coding skills, a versatile test creation interface with a dual-editor interface is available (Java and Groovy supported).
  • Multiple locator strategies allow you to adapt to UI changes effortlessly.



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TestComplete is a graphical test automation tool that evaluates every desktop, web, and mobile application. It is used by both technical and non-technical users, and it is fully integrated inside the SDLC ecosystem.
Delivers your application’s quality at a massive scale and with exceptional efficiency.

  • Use record & playback, or script in your preferred modern language to create code or codeless tests (including JavaScript, Python, and VBScript).
  • Complex objects are identified with superior object identification utilizing machine learning and AI.

RAPISE by Inflectra

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Rapise is a cross-browser test automation tool that doesn’t require any scripting.
It can test desktop, mobile, online (with Selenium support), Java applications, and APIs (REST and SOAP).

  • Rapise IDE makes it simple for automation engineers to write tests, make changes, detect bugs, and deploy the tests across all environments.
  • This automation platform has powerful learning and tracking modules that can handle even the most difficult applications.
  • Rapise comes with a testing API that provides methods for manipulating photos, spreadsheets, and basic GUI widgets, among other things.

Abbot Java GUI Test Framework


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To test Java GUI, the Abbot Java GUI Test Framework is utilized.

  • This framework is used with both scripted and compiled programs. It includes GUI references and allows users to interact with GUI components.
  • It provides unit and functional testing for AWT and SWING.

AutoIt UI testing


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AutoIt is a freeware scripting language with basic structures for automating the Windows graphical user interface (GUI) and general scripting.

  • The Windows Manipulation Tool is a self-contained commercial tool that combines keystrokes, mouse movements, and script compilation with independent executables.
  • The program includes features such as a built-in editor, basic-like syntax, and a large function set.


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CubicTest is an open-source Eclipse plugin that aids in the design and understanding of web applications, regardless of whether the user has technical experience or not.

  • It allows test-driven development of web applications by replacing test scripts with GUI-based model testing.
  • CubicTest case designs take the place of requirement specifications and manual test scripts.

eggPlant UI Automation Testing

TestPlant’s eggPlant is a commercial GUI Automation and Software Testing solution.

  • It is suitable for GUI testing and is utilized throughout the testing procedure.
  • It looks at SUT and sends mouse and keyboard commands via VNC.
  • Any gadget, operating system, or technology can be tested.
  • Using the eggDrive interface, you can rapidly create tests.



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FitNesse is an open-source Collaborative Acceptance Testing framework.

  • It can execute on one or more devices against an app
  • It is a lightweight tool that assists in determining what software should do and what it does. It can run on a PC or a server and comes with everything you need.


Ascentialtest was created with the goal of minimizing the time and effort required to create and maintain test cases.

  • It provides a visual environment in which to create test components using the drag and drop capability.
  • Test planning, data management, execution, human and automated test development, defect tracking, and reporting are all made easier.


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iMacros is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

  • It allows you to record and replay activities.
  • It is a commercial solution that can automate Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, Silverlight, Java Applets, and other web programming, internet server monitoring, and web testing.

Ranorex Studio

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Ranorex Studio is a commercial Windows GUI tool that is used by over 4,000 firms across the world to test desktop, online, and mobile apps.
It is simple for novices, but with a full IDE, it’s powerful for automation specialists.

  • Even for web items with changeable IDs, reliable object identification is possible.
  • Use a shared object repository and reusable code modules for quick test generation and maintenance.

Maveryx user interface testing tool


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Maveryx is a test automation tool that specialises in functional, regression, data-driven, and GUI testing for Java and Android applications.

  • Maveryx automatically identifies UI elements to test by taking snapshots of a running application’s user interface.
  • This is a commercial and open-source application with APIs and plugin architecture to support custom controls.


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RIATest is a graphical user interface (GUI) test automation tool for Flex, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and Windows 8 apps.

  • RIATest has been incorporated into the continuous integration system to identify bugs swiftly.
  • It aids in the creation of a comprehensible test script by utilizing the component inspector to identify GUI elements.



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SilkTest is a functional and regression testing automation tool.

  • It’s a commercial tool for creating reliable and portable functional tests.
  • It simplifies the development of test cases for online, native, and other software applications.
  • It provides cross-browser compatibility, mobile browser compatibility, and quick test execution, among other features.

Sikuli UI automation framework

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Sikuli is an open-source framework for automating graphical user interface testing.

  • It makes use of the Sikuli script, which can be used to automate anything on the screen without requiring the usage of an internal API.
  • It supports online pages as well as desktop applications for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, and Android.


In this article, we have highlighted the best GUI Testing Tools for your help. However, if you have any other suggestions or queries, let us know in the comment area below.



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