Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2022

Written by Barry Allen

October 8, 2022

Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools


Many regression testing tools are available on the market to make your job easier. These tools ensure that regression test cases perform smoothly.

But, with hundreds of options, choosing which one to use is difficult.

To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 15 Most Popular Regression Testing Tools in 2022.

Let’s have a look at this.

Top 15 Best Management Tools in 2022

In this article we have outlined 15 best Regression Testing Tools in 2022:

Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro

It’s a ready-to-use automated regression testing tool for businesses.

Sahi Pro can help you test Web, Mobile, Java, and Windows Desktop apps.

It also enables you to perform automated regression testing that is both quick and reliable.

Sahi is well-suited for use in agile development contexts.

• Use any browser to record and playback.

• Identification of smart accessors

• Logs and reports generated internally



Selenium is an umbrella term for a collection of software testing technologies.

Each of these technologies takes a different approach to test automation.

The entire range of tools includes flawless regression testing capabilities tailored to test all types of web applications.

• Selenium is a versatile metal.

• Support for a variety of web browsers.

• Supports a wide range of programming languages



Web Application Testing in Ruby (Watir) is an acronym for Web Application Testing In Ruby.

It can be interpreted as water. It enables you to create test cases that are simple to read and maintain.

Watir is a Ruby library family that enables a wide range of apps written in various technologies.

• Ruby language is supported.

• It facilitates simple and adaptable testing.

• Support for multiple domains



It can help you with regression testing that is automated.

It maintains regression tests quickly and easily across online, mobile, and desktop apps.

• Recording of the test

• Helps with database testing

• Test execution that is automated

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester is a regression testing tool that is automated.

It can run a wide range of applications, including terminal emulators, Adobe PDF documents, Java, SAP, and more.

• Allows for visual editing

• Scripting for testing

• Data detection is made earlier.


Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2022

TimeShiftX is a regression testing tool for time shifts.

It enables apps to travel through time to the past or future to aid in temporary or date-simulating testing.

• Doesn’t necessitate any environment reboots or reloads

• Compatible with all platforms and operating systems

• The opportunity to customise



TestDrive is a software quality assurance tool that is automated (ASQ).

It can make regression testing simpler and faster.

It enables tests to be light, dynamic, and easily deployable.

• No coding required

• Efficient testing

• Changes in the application are simple to handle.


Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2022

The regression testing tool is simple to use.

It can help you with web application automation testing.

It’s a cross-platform automated regression testing tool.

• User interface is simple to use.

• Session recording

• Support for Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2022

TestingWhiz is an automated regression testing tool that does not require any code.

It provides end-to-end database, web, mobile, desktop app, API, and cloud testing.

It is based on the Automation Engine for Flexible Automation Scripting Technology.

It comes with over 290 built-in test commands that let you automate test cases in the shortest amount of time.

  • Architecture without Code
  • Bug-tracking software integration
  • Support for many browsers


Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2022

Parasoft’s Webking is a comprehensive regression testing tool.

It allows for automated web service testing.

It can assist you with dynamic Web site testing and installation.

It detects flaws in a website using C/C++ and Java testing approaches.

• Makes use of a browser that allows you to create paths.

• Compatibility with the Parasoft reporting system

• Excel,.csv, Webking’s own tables, databases, and other data sources are all supported.

Regression Tester

Info-Regression’s Tester is a simple regression testing tool.

It allows you to test web-based apps from a distance.

• Creating a test list is simple.

• Tests are conducted automatically.

• Generating fully customised reports


Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2022

Borland Silk Test was the previous name for SilkTest.

Mobile, online, rich-client, and business apps can all benefit from rigorous regression testing.

It facilitates the development of tests in partnership with business and technical stakeholders.

• Improved testing speed

• Makes use of the cloud

• Supports an unlimited number of user configurations



Serenity BDD is a regression testing tool that can help you test more quickly.

Serenity uses the test findings to provide demonstrative and detailed reports.

It keeps track of the tests that were run and the requirements that were tested.

• Make your tests more readable.

• Produces narrative reports with illustrations

• Can be used for non-web tests as well.

QA Wizard

QA Wizard

Serenity BDD is a regression testing tool that can assist you in testing faster.

It provides clear and extensive reports based on the test results.

It keeps track of the tests that have been performed as well as the requirements that have been tested.

• Improve the readability of your tests

• Writes narrative reports that include illustrations.

• It can also be used for non-web tests.


Top 15 Best Regression Testing Tools in 2022

Ranorex is a forerunner in the field of test automation software.

Regression testing is simple and rapid with Ranorex.

It comes with a variety of tools that make it suitable for businesses of various sizes.

• Repository of user interface items

• Supports a wide range of applications

• Data-driven Ranorex tests are possible.


In this article, we have highlighted the best Regression Testing tools for your help.

However, if you have any other suggestions regarding this or have queries let us know in the comment area below.




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