What Does An Instagram Handle Mean?

Written by Barry Allen

May 2, 2022

What Does An Instagram Handle Mean

An Instagram Handle

Are you thinking of creating an Instagram account but do not know ‘what does an Instagram handle mean’? Then you indeed are in the right place for we going to tell you the actual meaning of an Instagram handle. We will also be discussing how you can create an Instagram handle that separates you from the rest.

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What Does An Instagram Handle Mean?

An Instagram handle serves as a unique identifier that allows the user to stand out on the network. Both the terms, Instagram username, and Instagram handles, are the same, that is, an Instagram username is a popular term for an Instagram handle. For instance, the Instagram handle of Justin Bieber is @justinbieber. To find a particular username, one has to enter intagram.com/username(justinbieber) in the browser.

At the time of signing up to Instagram, you get an option to choose your username. This unique username separates you from the rest. Moreover, if you feel like you are losing interest in the username after some time or want to make it funnier and more interesting, then there is an option on Instagram from where you can change the username provided that you change it after 14 days i.e., there must be a gap of 14 days between the creation of two usernames.

Types of Users On Instagram

As we are aware of the presence of two different categories of users on Instagram. The first category is those who are present on Instagram just for the sake of having fun and chilling after a long day of work. These users are the consumers, hence, they do not have to have an extraordinary handle. They are there for fun so let them have it.

On the other hand, the second category of users is those who have started their business on Instagram or are earning through it in a direct or indirect way. These users have to be very careful when it comes to creating an Instagram handle. They need to provide relevant information so that their followers can connect with them.

Popular users, such as businessmen, celebrities, and sometimes influencers can have their accounts verified. A verified account means they will get a blue tick in front of their Instagram handle for unique identification. However, for ordinary users, the Instagram handle is the only way to ensure security and avoid getting lost in a sea of individuals with the same name.

How To Create An Instagram Handle

There are certain guidelines that one should remember while creating an Instagram handle.

1. There must be no gap between the words and only the bare minimum of special characters should be used. Ensure to not use the characters that are prohibited entirely.

2. Use underscores, full stops, and numbers for them all are acceptable.

3. Keep the Instagram handle as short as possible. Instagram offers two different types of names to its users. One is your name, which has no restrictions and can be similar to someone else’s. The other one is the username, which must be unique for your account to be easily identifiable.

Tips to create a more relevant Instagram Handle

Some users are more likely to use a variety of social media networks. Every social networking platform, after all, demands a username/handle for creating a distinct online identity and makes it easier to locate you. Even better if you can use the same login information across all of your social media accounts. If you can’t use the same username across all platforms because it has already been taken, you can always use a few special characters. As long as the true name isn’t mangled, just use one or two underscores or a number.

Why stick with the same username across different social media handles?

Using the same username across all platforms offers you a more professional appearance, not just this, it increases people’s trust in your identification. But, in the end, it’s entirely up to you. Your handle can be anything you want it to be.

How To Change Your Username

As we have discussed, there can be several reasons behind changing the Instagram handle or Instagram username. The thing that one should remember here is that you can not change the username till 14 days after its creation. To know how you can change it, follow the given steps.

Step 1. Open your Instagram app.

Step 2. Click on the profile option at the bottom right corner.

Step 3. Click on the edit profile option present below your bio.

Step 4. Here, you can change your username under the username section.

Step 4. Once you have changed it, click on the check option at the top.


In this article, we have outlined all the details about Instagram Handle. If you have any other queries or suggestions let us know in the comment area.



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