Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools in 2022

Written by Barry Allen

October 17, 2022

Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools


With the advent of various personal devices, a myriad of cloud-based services, access points, virtual servers, and more, modern workplace networks are becoming increasingly complex.

IT teams must carefully monitor bandwidth and service quality, construct load balancers for high availability, create a redundant environment for backups and failovers, and guarantee that several components in a hybrid system work in unison.

IT administrators frequently lack clear visibility into their networks in the middle of this complexity.

This is when network analysis software comes into play.

Network analysis assists teams in determining what is happening in their network, how data is transported between different nodes and ports, and identifying problem areas.

Traditional network analysis technologies such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), packet sniffing, net flow analysis, and others were formerly used by businesses to conduct basic tasks, collect limited data, and function autonomously.

Modern network analysis technologies gather data from a variety of sources and analyse it in real time against various thresholds.

These resources can assist you:

  • Troubleshoot networking issues efficiently.
  • Keep track of the bandwidth and where the bottlenecks are.
  • Check the speed and availability of Wi-Fi.
  • Threats to security should be detected and mitigated.
  • Troubleshoot any connections that aren’t working.

Modern network analysis tools provide a thorough perspective of traffic flow and can pinpoint problem areas such as network slowness and jitter.

Some network analytics tools also advise strategies to improve the network’s performance.

These technologies provide proactive analysis and early reaction to mitigate attacks and resolve network issues when compared to traditional methods.

These technologies can also assist with advanced capacity planning and budgeting for networking jobs.

We’ve outlined a selection of the top network analysis software and solutions for your consideration.

Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools in 2022

In this article we have outlined 15 best network analysis tools in 2022:

OP5 Monitor

Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools in 2022

OP5 Monitor is a free Windows network analysis program based on Naemon, a Nagios derivative.

As a result, it’s compatible with every Nagios plugin.

  • It is an Open-Source initiative-based server, network analysis, and management software suite.
  • The OP5 Monitor displays the IT network’s status, health, and performance.
  • It gives you a view of your whole IT estate and allows you to mix and match analysis products.


Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools in 2022

Obkio’s Network is a free network analysis and SaaS solution software that helps you find and resolve issues so you can give your customers a better experience.

  • It provides 500ms real-time network performance updates and is one of the most effective free network analysis tools for Windows.
  • Through the deployment of analysis agents, it enables continuous analysis.
  • You can use it to test performance by exchanging fake traffic.
  • It provides analysis from the user’s perspective.


Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools in 2022

Icinga is a free and open-source program for analysis infrastructure and services.

Icinga is a free network analysis software for Windows that changes and reports on your IT environment’s health.

  • It aids in the analysis of services.
  • It can be monitored both directly and via SNMP.
  • Clustering and analysis of zones are both options.

Network Bandwidth Analyzer

Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools in 2022

The Network Bandwidth Analyzer allows you to track your network’s performance.

  • By detecting, diagnosing, and correcting network performance issues, you can get more out of your network.
  • It swiftly discovers, diagnoses, and resolves network performance issues, resulting in fewer network disruptions.
  • Easily view IPv4 and IPv6 flow records.

ManageEngine OpManager

Top 15 Best Network Analysis Tools in 2022

OpManager is a network analysis software solution that is available for free and covers the entire network.

  • It allows you to keep track of network availability, traffic, and performance data for routers, servers, and switches.
  • It lets you monitor the performance of many network devices from different vendors.
  • It has a feature that allows for real-time analysis.



Auvik is a cloud-based network analysis application. It is faster, easier to use, and provides you with immediate insight into the networks you manage via automatic network discovery, analysis, documentation, and more.

  • This networking performance monitor tool keeps you up to date with real-time network mapping and inventories.
  • The software supports both Windows Server and Ubuntu Linux.
  • This network performance analysis program displays all your actions on a dashboard.

Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager

The Network Configuration Manager keeps track of router, switch, and other network configurations and compliance.

  • This program also increases network security and dependability while saving time.
  • You can maintain high network dependability and uptime using regular backup strategies for routers, firewalls, and switches.
  • The proactive drift management solution might help you enhance operating efficiency.



Site24x7 is a robust and consistent network analysis solution that displays data at the device and interface levels.

  • It’s a SaaS-based DevOps and IT all-in-one analysis solution.
  • It employs a network analysis solution based on SNMP.
  • It keeps track of network devices’ health, performance, and availability.
  • It gives you a full network map with layer 2 maps so you can see everything.


Datadog is a network analysis tool that provides complete visibility into cloud and hybrid networks.

It oversees managing network device performance.

  • It’s a cloud-based application that finds and recognizes all connected devices.
  • It contains a watchdog feature that identifies any network anomalies automatically.
  • It gives you real-time visibility into how your network is being used.

. Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG

The robust infrastructure management features of Paessler PRTG are well-known.

It has a powerful user interface, making it excellent for businesses with little experience with network analysis.

This is one of the best free network analysis software options available, and it monitors your entire IT infrastructure using advanced technologies like SNMP, WMI, HTTP requests, Pings, and SSH, among others.

  • It keeps track of all the devices, systems, and traffic in your IT environment.
  • It manages and reports on all the apps in your network completely.
  • It supports SMS, emails, and third-party connections as well as other alerting mechanisms.

11. Zabbix


Zabbix is a network analysis program that is available for free.

This home network administration software is often used to monitor servers and network equipment.

  • This tool can forecast future behaviour based on previous data.
  • This free network analysis software also shows CPU load, network use, and disc space usage.
  • It enables you to simply monitor network bandwidth usage.
  • It allows you to collect data for Windows in a flexible and extendable manner.

 WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is also a network analysis tool that safeguards you from the network edge to the cloud.

  • It is a free network analysis software application that gives you complete visibility into the operation of your network devices and alerts you to any problems.
  • To build comprehensive and customizable maps, the WhatsUp gold locating and mapping tool employs layer 2 and layer 3 techniques.
  • The links in your network are discovered and mapped.



Nagios says that it monitors and graphs operating systems, servers, network devices, websites, cloud services, and much more.

  • This free networking analysis software provides you with a thorough image of your IT infrastructure and its performance.
  • It includes powerful dashboards that you can use to keep track of information and third-party data, and it offers the best analysis server performance thanks to the strong Nagios Core 4 analysis engine.



LogicMonitor is a network analysis program that uses a single secure platform to monitor, notify, and graph the network and performance of your whole IT infrastructure.

  • Implementation takes only a few minutes with their agentless and cloud-based collection.
  • Using dynamic topology maps, you can resolve and display alerts in real time.
  • Cloud-based networks and SD-WAN are also supported.

 SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

 SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

It is a network analysis tool that uses SNMP to track device status.

Any newly discovered devices, apps, or services may be highlighted on a network topology map, which shows how your infrastructure is connected.

  • It’s also one of the greatest free Windows network analysis tools.
  • It can detect network devices that are linked to your network automatically.


So, in today’s article, we learned about some of the best free network analysis software and their functionality, so that we may use these monitors to properly manage our network.

Please let us know which network analysis software you find to be the best by leaving a comment below.




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